Avantasia Interview

Hi Tobias,

I think Avantasia’s upcoming and so far released albums have been waiting with high curiosity and excitement by the metalheads of the world. With nearly 20 years behind you, in your opinion, which was the most expected album for the fans?

Hi, thanks for your support and taking the time.

Unfortunately I can’t say what fans are expecting and how their feelings are. I wrote the album with confidence and we charted in Germany from Zero to No1. immediately . I guess that says it all 🙂

You made the best of your 18 months break since you came up with fantastic new songs. How could you reach this top shape?

I took my time, I was not haunted and pushed, I just took it easy and slower and wanted to do it on my own time setting. Maybe that is an explanation.

Millions of Avantasia discs have been sold so far, you are one of the most successful musicians of Germany… I could imagine this state as a gift which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. How do you feel about it?

It is a dream come true. It is not a curse, it is a gift. I love what I’m doing and even better the fans like it as well. What more can you ask for?

As usual, your legendary friends appeared this time also on the upcoming album. By what frame you parted and ordered them to each songs?

Sometimes when I write for Michael Kiske or Bob Catley I have their voices in my head. This is very inspiring. Also for Geoff Tate. But mostly you start writing and you have an idea in how the voice who should be singing this should sound, more like a color of a voice in your head. But you really see afterwards which song fits to whom.

Is there any guest musicians or vocalists who is somehow left from your albums so far but who would fit in one of your future Avantasia projects?

Yes, of course. My wish list is long. I have asked a few but they weren’t interested so we have to see what the future brings…

I’m sure about you put all of your heart, energy and talents to the Moonglow album, we can hear that limitless power especially in the song ’The Raven Child’. What was in your thoughts when you started writing this song?

Raven Child is a song that shows the fans how the album feels. I think it gives a good impression of the material. Like the whole album, Raven Child is loud and soft, Celtic elements, fat chorus and slow and fast and needs dedication and time to listen to it.

On the Moonglow album we can hear the perfect harmony of epic choruses, world music-like themes and hymnic vocals. What did you use as the source of inspiration creating this detailed, coherent and absolutely mind-blowing world?

My inspiration is everything I like. That can be classic rock and melodic metal, also classic music and world music. If you wrote so many albums like I did then you have to agree to new influences and elements otherwise you’ll die of boredom.

We’re really looking forward to see Avantasia live in May here in Hungary! What could we expect from the show?

We will play long shows, no support bands, a real Avantasia night! We will play songs from Moonglow as well as old ones and classic ones. We will have a lot of guest musicians and a huge stage.

The concept of the stage should take the fans into a dreamworld and they should forget the reality outside. I think it will be great and something to look forward to.

Do you have any messages for Avantasia’s Hungarian fans?

We are very exicted to come to Hungary and play for you. All the Hungarian fans are always welcoming us and support us so wonderful. We are very happy to see you soon!

If you had to describe the Moonglow album in three words, which three words would it be?

Listen to it

Thank you for your answers! Have a nice day!

Thank you, Zoltan for taking the time and your support!


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