Canadian Technical Death Metal ANOMALISM Unleash Their Fury With Video “Vicious Fiction”

Burdened in cold, Anomalism is a new technical death metal band from the frozen wasteland of Winnipeg, Canada established in 2018. In the past months, they have been busy writing a recording their debut EP “Parasitic Spawn”, released in January 2019, which was very well received by the local scene and the global media.

Harnessing this momentum and raging forward with speed and technicality, Anomalism is premiering their new lyric video for “Vicious Fiction”.

This full-throttle technical attack focusing on childhood nightmare fuel is an excellent introduction to a band that is sure to make waves across both the Great White North and the rest of the world especially for fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, Psycroptic, and The Faceless.

“We are hoping to provide a classy, yet brutal listening experience to anyone that listens. One in which you can sip a glass of wine, play scrabble, and terrify your grandparents. In all seriousness, an experience in which people enjoy. Something that can resonate with the people that hear it. How and if we achieved that… we’ll have yet to see.”

The otherworldly, head-banging video “Vicious Fiction” is available via NoCleanSinging at the following link: 

“Parasitic Spawn” available for stream and download on BandcampSpotifyiTunes.

Track Listing:
1. Vicious Fiction (3:22)
2. Cryptosphere (3:22)
3.  Parasitic Spawn (3:07)
4. Plagues of Cognizance (4:31)
5. The Waiting Room (2:47)
EP Length: 17:09

For More Info:

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