SCARLET AURA unveils title video from “Hot’n’Heavy” album

Aura Danciulescu– Lead Vocals
Mihai Danciulescu– Lead guitar, Vocals
Rene Nistor– Bass guitar, Vocals
                      Sorin Ristea– Drums      

The already known from touring with Tarja Turunen or Rhapsody Reunion rising heavy metal star of the East – Scarlet Aura – is releasing a new video!  This time, a video for the song that bears the name of the album – “Hot’n’Heavy“, which will officially be released on 22nd of March 2019. Scarlet Aura promoted the album at the end of 2018th during their European and also China tours and continues the adventures with new dates in March!

The band’s statement: “All we can say about the video, the song and the album is that they are hot and definitely heavy!
Check it out!

The video is available here:

Already under the eye of reviewers, “Hot’n’Heavy” has been amazingly received by various media outlets, as can be seen from some of the quotes:

The energy of this album is crazy from beginning to end and the track ‘Let’s Go Fucking Wild’ sums up the whole experience.” – Ever Metal
SCARLET AURA are throwing fuel on the bonfire of nostalgia, they are fast, direct and in your face, the title track “Hot’n’Heavy” is a riff-fest of delight which twists and turns in a head-banging assault to the senses.“  – Metal Temple
Hot'n'Heavy" is an outstanding album by a young and aspiring band. The album is very varied. Whether Power Metal, anthem or ballad, it offers everything that makes a metal fan's heart beat faster.” – Rock Castle Franken
Without mentioning anything else we can say that Scarlet Aura offers above all an original sound that we do not "dare" to compare with that of other bands. Their melodic metal melted with hard rock but also with heavy metal strokes is really so cool. Aura Danciulescu with her voice crashed us to the wall, literally. One of the most interesting metal voices right now. Capable of so much sound power it does not go unnoticed. In short, Scarlet Aura is a band to watch out for...”– System Failure

The band has also launched the IndieGoGo campaign to create Silver City Records, an exclusively Rock/Metal record label that will help new generation of rising rock and metal stars and on which “Hot’n’Heavy” album will also be released. The link to the campaign:

Other videos from “Hot’n’Heavy”:

– “Hail to You!”, released on 21st of August as a digital single and as a video: 
 – “Fallin’ To Pieces”, second single from the album that was released on 17th October 2018. The video is available here:
– “Hate Is Evanescent, Violence Is Forever”, lyric video. The video is available here:

Hot’n’Heavy track list:  
1. This Future Becomes Our Past 1:39
2. Hail To You!  5:33
3. In The Name Of My Pain 4:35
4. Hot’n’Heavy 4:42
5. Fallin’ To Pieces 4:13
6. Glimpse In The Mirror 5:40
7. You Bite Me I Bite You Back 4:43
8. Hate Is Evanescent, Violence Is Forever 5:06
9. Silver City 4:54
10. Light Be My Guide 4:27
11. Let’s Go Fucking Wild 4:07
  Bonus Track:  
12. Balkan Stars Project – To New Horizons  7:06

More about SCARLET AURA:

Listen to Scarlet Aura tunes here: 
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Band’s discography:
03/2014 – “The Rock Chick” (as “AURA”), Universal Music Romania
09/2014 – “Tomboy”, digital single, Universal Music Romania
10/2016 – “Falling Sky”, Pure Rock Records
09/2017 – “The Beast Within Me” (Single), Outlanders Productions 
09/2017 – “Memories”, Outlanders Productions
08/2018 – „Scarlet Aura live in concert”, CD/DVD Live Full HD, Outlanders Productions
03/2019 – „Hot’n’Heavy“, Silver City Records

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