US epic heavy metal band ETERNAL WINTER release free download of rare, alternate version of song “The Curse of Baron Sengir”

Maryland (US) based epic heavy metal band ETERNAL WINTER have released a free download of a rare, alternate version of new song “The Curse of Baron Sengir”.

Eternal Winter-“The Curse of Baron Sengir” free mp3 download link

Eternal Winter is currently hard at work in the studio completing their upcoming 2nd full-length album, Archaic Lore Enshrined: Songs of Savage Swords & Dark Mysticism.

Band leader, guitarist / vocalist & songwriter, Matthew Knight has checked in with the following comment:

We are happy to present a rare, alternate version of The Curse of Baron Sengir. This song will be featured on the upcoming Eternal Winter album, “Archaic Lore Enshrined: Savage Swords & Dark Mysticism”. The version featured here is a rawer mix than that which will appear on the album. There are some different vocal takes presented here, and also a completely different drum performance. Thematically, the song is based on some of the lore surrounding an early Magic: The Gathering tale called Homelands. This story features an aristocratic vampire lord called the Baron Sengir who is the leader of a strange family of ghoulish fiends, all whom reside in a dark castle and spread terror across the land. When deciding on concepts for this album, I thought of the Baron and suddenly became inspired to write a song about him and the events that took place in the Homelands story. I hope all will enjoy this alternate version of it.

Eternal Winter band line-up (2019):

Matthew Knight – Vocals / Guitars: 
Gordon Burchell – Bass 
Keith Moye – Keyboards 
Matt Brookins – Drums:

Eternal Winter’s legendary debut album “Within the Castle Shadowgate” was released in 2014.

For the latest band news, upcoming show dates and purchase music, visit the official Eternal Winter website, BandCamp page and Majestic Metal Records website:

Official Eternal Winter website

Official Eternal Winter BandCamp page

Official Majestic Metal Records website

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US epic heavy metal band ETERNAL WINTER in the studio completing 2nd full-length album


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