THERMATE release first single from upcoming album ‘Redshift City’!

[ photo by Marco Paakkanen ]

Hailing from Finland’s landscapes of Kuopio, heavy fuzz rock unit THERMATE is set to release their first full-length album, Redshift City, on May 10th with Argonauta Records. After the five-piece band, who conjures the sounds of the 70’s heavy metal-era refining it with the glory of classic 90’s stoner rock, just recently unveiled the first details about their upcoming debut album, today we get to hear a first single to the track Eyes of Jupiter!

Says the band „The first single, Eyes of Jupiter, is also the first song of the album. It’s was the first song written, around which the rest of the album started to build on. It may be the heaviest track of the album, but we still think it is a good representation of the variety and dynamics that the rest of the album has. While being a grand opening for the album, the song kicks ass on its own!“

Listen to Eyes of Jupiter HERE!

THERMATE got together in 2012, followed by their debut EP, Off to Hades, and their critically acclaimed Black Desert Highway- EP. The band continues „Thermate is beyond excited to release our first full length album this May! During the writing, the songs formed into true heavy-as-shit epics, still with a lot of dynamics and variety. We really tried to push the limits of stoner rock, not limiting ourselves just to genre-music. While making things proggy enough to be interesting, we still didn’t want to make our music too indulgent or difficult; the heavy stoner groove and huge guitar riffs are always there. Needless to say, we can’t wait to release the album and play these songs live!“

The tracklist of Redshift City reads as follows:

1. Eyes of Jupiter
2. Godspeed
3. Soliloquy
4. Kaleidoscope
5. Greener Pastures
6. 100 Years

With a release date set for May 10th on Argonauta Records, the LP and CD pre-order is now available at:

Arthur Thure – Vocals
Mikko Väätäinen – Guitar
Juuso Honkanen – Guitar
Jere Tirkkonen – Bass
Kimmo Partanen – Drums

Black Desert Highway – Official Video:

For More Info Visit:

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THERMATE reveal album details! Debut out this May on Argonauta Records!


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