GINKO DAWN SHOCK Reveal A New Video For “Sadcasm”, First Track Taken From “Inward

Italian post-rock act Ginkgo Dawn Shock has revealed today a new video for “Sadcasm”, first single taken from the album “Inward | Flare”, out on March 8th via This Is Core!

About the new track, the band says: “”Lacerate with the tongue what my teeth spare’. The mantra of one who has left too often his own inner voice poisoned by the stagnation of impulses and thoughts piled up like slime, temporarily incapable but damagingly active. ‘Sadcasm’, or sad sarcasm. The weapon of those who do not attack openly but offend the unfortunate. The art of not understanding and yet destroying indistinctly. Stop. Every step is a crack on the ground and you’re sinking. Reflect. It is not too late. But it will be in the future“.

“Inward | Flare” artwork and track-listing

01. Sadcasm
02. Klys
03. Mankerat
04. Kyrie
05. Yedinyy
06. Glacier
07. Solar
08. Allistee
09. Ljos
10. No Summer In Ohio


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