Viking Metal band RAGNHILD release an intense music video for the track- ‘Under the Red Sky’

Ragnhild play a very distinct style of Death Metal fusing element of Melodies and Viking Metal but offer a very unique sound that defines their brand. Their new album ‘Tavern Tales’ is slated for a March release. The first track of the album- ‘Under the Red Sky’ speaks of a powerful theme and is complimented by a strong video that holds true to the nature of the song. Perhaps, that’s the speciality of it. Commenting about the song, the guitarist Shardul comments  “The Songs in the album have been composed with the general idea of how Melodic Death Metal comprising of Nordic/ Celtic melodies when mixed with heavier riffs and vocals sound. The lyrics that we wrote are basically out of our own imagination of various incidents that took place in our history. ‘Under the Red Sky‘ is written with similar ideas. The lyrics talk about a fleet of soldiers that were betrayed by one of our own and by the grace of the gods, they found out about the ambush that awaits“. Here’s the album’s track list:

  1. Battle on My Grave  
  2. A Viking Mosh
  3. We Will March
  4. Glory of our mighty king
  5. Under The Red Sky
  6. Stronghold
  7. Ragnhild
  8. Tavern Tales (title track)
  9. Death of a warrior

Listen to the band’s latest track ‘Under the Red Sky– ‘

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