BORDERS OF BYZANTIUM – Several styles of modern metal clash on Hungarian band’s debut album, Odyssey

Hungarian modern metal sextett BORDERS OF BYZANTIUM has just released their first full-length album, Odyssey via EDGE Records with 12 brand new strikes combining metalcore, electronic music, progressive and melodic death metal – performed with the emotional and crashing voices of vocalist duo of Marcell Oláh (clean vocals) and Bence Joó (screamed and harsh vocals) .

With music akin to the style of bands like Dead By April, Bring Me The Horizon and Asking Alexandria, the band will surely find their audience easily with their melodic and versatile music, ranging from the aggressive tones of “Illusions” to the soothing electronic sounds of “Like Flies”. Physical copy of the debut album can be ordered from and it can be streamed online on most popular platforms, such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer and Amazon.

“>Losing Myself< and the title song, >Odyssey (I’ll Take My Path)< was born relatively early, and we immediately felt that we’ve found a new way and new sound with these songs. It became our goal to take this band to a higher level, – to be more daring, monumental and bold – while preserving the original foundations of our sound and image. This wasn’t easy, as the only one who worked on this record and our first EP is vocalist Marcell Oláh.” – the band commented.

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Formed in 2015, Budapest-based BORDERS OF BYZANTIUM previously recorded an EP called Carousel in 2016, containing 5 songs. Following the release the band recruited bass player János Tóth, and completed their first stable full line-up in early 2017, consisting of Marcell Oláh (vocals), Bence Joó (vocals), Kristóf Tóth (drums), Kevin Mészáros (guitars) and Lóránt Dobó (guitars). They very soon began working on their first full-length, shot  a video clip and started to perform live.

“Around Fall 2017, when we shot a video clip for the title song, “Odyssey”, we’ve decided to perform live less, and focus on writing music and prepare to release an album next year. Vocalist and lyricist Bence Joó had a quite clear vision of the lyrical direction, so we’ve also weaved our concept of images, messages and metaphors present on the next album into the video” – guitarist Lóránt Dobó commented, followed by Bence Joó: 

“Life’s a great journey that never ends, only interrupted. It’s full of obstacles we must get through. That’s basically the message of this album, it is about becoming an adult, making mistakes, but walking on a true and honest path, taking responsibility for our faults and actions, because our life’s not controlled by some outer force, but only by ourselves. Admitting this is very important to reach our goals.”

Odyssey” was recorded in “Byzantine Studio” – the home studios of the band members and rehearsal rooms; while mixing and mastering took place in No Silence Studios by István Simon. The album’s artwork was made by Andrej Z. T. (Art Style: Design). Before the release, they’ve published two lyric videos and a music video off the album.

Borders of Byzantium: Odyssey (I’ll Take My Path) [Official Music Video]

Borders of Byzantium: Fortified [Official Lyric Video]

Borders of Byzantium: Losing Myself [Official Lyric Video]

Borders of Byzantium: Odyssey
(2019 / EDGE Records)

  1. Initium
  2. Alive
  3. The Same Old Game
  4. Fortified
  5. Odyssey (I’ll Take My Path)
  6. Illusions
  7. Like Flies
  8. Two Sides
  9. Sorrow
  10. Temper
  11. Losing Myself
  12. Drawn Circles

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