SOUL OF STEEL to release new album via Revalve records

A few years after their last tour and the acclaimed album ‘Journey to infinity’, the power prog metal band Soul of Steel return to the scene with renewed line up and signing with Revalve Records for the release of the new album.

(from left to right)
Alessandro Saracino – Bass
Nicolas Coppola – Guitars
Gianni Valente – Vocals
Lorenzo Chiafele – Drums
Salvatore Destratis – Guitars

The band is currently engaged in the recording of the new album at Domination Studio, to which the talented Valerio Edward De Rosa is making a significant contribution in the sound writing phase.

The end of the recordings session is scheduled for June 2019, where we could taste the first single waiting the release of the album which will be released at the gates of the autumn 2019 via Revalve Records.

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