“Smog” by EXTINCTION REMAINS has been released on CD!

“Smog”, compilation album from crust/death/doom metal band EXTINCTION REMAINS will be released on CD on March 30th, 2019. The album was pressed in the limit of 500 copies by two Polish labels, Defense Records and Mythrone Promotion. The album contains all  previous recordings of the band. The graphics were designed by Caio Alves.

The entire compilation can be checked on Defense Records Youtube channel:


  1. Infested
  2. Under the Dome
  3. Sick Planet 
  4. Smog 
  5. Dunes of Dispair 
  6. Silent Spring  
  7. Malnourished   
  8. The Biggest Gabarge Dump    
  9. Toxic Sludge  
  10. Cancer 
  11. Vengeance

Brazilian band, predicting Earth’s deadliest disasters and cherishing the forcible means of expression for followers of Coffins, Disembowelment, Winter and Cryptic Brood, has existed since 2013. During this time they released three EPs “Ecologic Noise” (2013), “Genetics of Defeat” (2016) and “Human Disaster Never Ending” (2017). They plan also a split with crust/punk band Mácula in the nearest future.

“Smog” can be ordered directly from both labels and band:

Defense Records: defensemerch[at],

Mythrone Promotion: mythroneprom[at],

Extinction Remains: extinction.remains[at],

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