Canadian Psychedelic Prog DIZZY MYSTICS Announces Debut Album ‘Wanderlost” Out May 2019

At long last, DIZZY MYSTICS out of Winnipeg, Canada are ready to serve their debut album chock full of psychedelic flavours simmered in funk with just a dash of metal. “Wanderlost” will reach ideal serving temperature on May 3, 2019, and is sure to satisfy anyone with an appetite for Tool, Primus, Frank Zappa, and Steely Dan.

The self-released album contains 10 songs each containing the recommended daily servings of groove, intensity, melody and catchy vocals with the singles “Diamond Duller”“The Frequent See, Consistent Seas”and “Letter”, which all have been pleasing the critics that got their hands on them. The album was self-recorded; mixed by John Paul Peters (Private Ear Recording, Winnipeg); mastered by Ed Brooks (Resonant Mastering, Seattle) and the album artwork was crafted by Ben Duncan.

The band comments:

“Dizzy Mystics are thrilled to announce the release of our debut LP “Wanderlost”. We have set out to encapsulate our diverse range of musical influences into a genre-bending rock experience. Every possible emotion we have felt bleeds through these songs in their own unexpected sonic twists and turns. See where it takes you, and enjoy!”
Listen to their current singles at the following links:

Diamond Duller –
The Frequent See, Consistent Seas –
Letter – 

Spotify here.

Album pre-order available on Bandcamp here.

Show Dates:
April 12 – Winnipeg, MB – Social Club
April 26 – Thunder Bay, ON – Crocks

Track Listing:
1. Letter (4:42)
2. Shindigjig (4:43)
3. Fallasophy (5:02)
4. The Frequent See, Consistent Seas (2:50)
5. The Anti-Dream (5:09)
6. The Scythe Pendulum Swing (7:33)
7. Diamond Duller (4:56)
8. Jaunter (5:26)
9. Rester (Analog Chameleon) (5:01)
10. Wanderlost (11:09)
Album Length: 56:36

Recording Line Up:
Kyle Halldorson (all vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin, assorted percussion, lyrics, music, songwriter)
Aaron Edgar (all drums)
Gerrit Delaquis, Kelsey Halldorson, Paula DaCosta (guest vocals on track 07-Diamond Duller)

Live Band Line Up:
Kyle Halldorson (lead vocal, guitars, mandolin)
Alexandre Joyal (guitar, backup vocal)
Aaron Bacon (bass, backup vocal)
Jeff Laird (drums, backup vocal)

For more info: 

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