GORGONCHRIST release the raging black filth of The Blood Of Endangered Species on an unsuspecting world! Out now on Clobber Records!

Somewhere on the pathway to ultimate enlightenment humanity took a wrong turning, followed a whispered temptation down a road that lead to a dark shadow of our destined transcendence – a cesspit of greed, torture and abuse. We have reached the end of the path and there is nowhere left to go. Our fractured, farcical civilisation begins to crumble and tumble back into the darkness and we, screaming, begin our long, slow dive into the black…

The soundtrack to the disintegration of our falsehoods and the facade we built around our rotten hearts is here. The wild, musical accompaniment to the rebirth of wanton violence and vindictive superstition, the ultimate sonic depiction of our inevitable, nihilistic, dystopian future…Gorgonchrist have unveiled the twisted juxtapositions, the wanton savagery, the grand tragedy of The Blood Of Endangered Species. Stepping from the shadows, from nowhere to here in the blink of an eye; Crushwalker and Kill Babies bring their prophecies of death, dressed in brutal, mechanised filth. There is no history of past achievements, no future of grand plans, there is only the bleak, soul crushing now. There is merciless blasting, there are rust encrusted riffs, there are voices of madness, and there is despair as you have never known.

Like mad children weaned on the bile and poison of Anaal Nathrakh’s Total Fucking Necro and chastised with the cruel whips of Ministry’s Psalm 69, Gorgonchrist are broken, bitter and a long way past the point of no return. The Blood Of Endangered Species is a madness that will never leave you once you have tasted its sickness. Released with a wanton disregard for the wellbeing of the world by Clobber Records in the dying days of winter, this album presents a future where all species are endangered – and we are destined to drown in a tidal wave of blood.

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Crushwalker – Guitars/Vocals
Kill Babies – Bass/Vovals

Full Track Listing:
1 – Fuckophony
2 – Banged In The Face
3 – The Blood Of Endangered Species
4 – Fighting Kindness With Oppression I
5 – Shitfaced Nasty
6 – Fighting Kindness With Oppression II
7 – Little Bo Satan

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