ABSINTHROPY and SALIX BABYLONICA release a split album of pure doomed darkness through Clobber Records

“we choose to stay away because you offer us nothing”

Darkness seeks out darkness, in all its varied forms; reaching out across the world until souls born in twilight touch and entwine. From these meetings, this alchemical coalescing of different hues of blackness, true magic can be born.On April 12thClobber Records will unveil one such enchanted union as the seething sorceries of the UK’s Absinthropy and Ecuador’s Salix Babylonica combine…

“it’s when you start to dream about good things you should start to worry”

The mind is a vast palace and most never do more than peer through the windows at possibilities thought unreachable. Absinthropy use absinthe as a key to unlock the doors of the mind and wander its endless passages and numberless rooms. It is their elixir of release from mundane modernity. The music of Absinthropy springs from these internal journeys and it moves from the sparse and hypnotic to the fevered and frantic, desperate and wild; from delicate melancholy to vicious malice. They present here two brand new tracks and a re-recording of ‘Sylvia’, from the long out of print Shivers Of Apathy EP – a song as beautiful as patterns of frost on the bones of one long dead and longer forgotten. Walk the hallways of the palace with Absinthropy and gaze out onto a world that will be forever changed…

“the voices are always here”

The music of Salix Babylonica is so steeped in sorrow that it paints the world in shadows. You can feel the aching of loss in every bone and sinew as each note falls into the blackness of the next. Despair transformed into sound, ‘She’s Back’ and ‘Dead Birds Of The City’ enfold you, smother you, draw you down into a limitless, cold emptiness of eternal mourning. Tortured doom and freezing blackness enthral, leading you spellbound through a monochrome world without hope. Gaze upon the ruins and listen in vain for the last fading echoes of light, life and love.

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Absinthropy Line-up:
Fowler – Vocals, Synth and Samples
White – All Instruments, Vocals
Salix Babylonica Line-up:
A. Nostalgie – All Vocals
Atroz – All Instruments

Full Track Listing:

1 – Crescent Hooks Above Twilight Gardens
2 – A.N.T.S.S.A.T.B.F.
3 – Sylvia XXVIII
Salix Babylonica
4 – She’s Back
5 – Dead Birds Of The City

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