THE BLACK SORCERY – Decibel debuts the sophomore album Wolven Degrade of Edmonton based bestial black/death metal troop

Canadian repulsive war metal collective THE BLACK SORCERY made their arrival notorious with the 2018 debut album,  …and the Beast Spake Death from Above. Today, the Edmonton based troop unleash the second album, Wolven Degrade, on CD via Krucyator Productions and on vinyl via Appalachian Noise Records. 

The Black Sorcery have not limited their obscenity by only waving the flag of Canadian war metal legacy, they have built new pillars to strengthen the usual sonic paradigm of the sub-genre — with the help of grim black metal influences, maniacal guttural nastiness and piercing screams.

Lörd Matzigkeitus, the vocalist explains:“‘Wolven Degrade’ is the auditory warfare of pure, unfeigned anger. As a whole, it’s themes are that of deflowering peace, processing violation, ruinous existence and nature clawing back unto her dirtly folds all weak creatures for their transgressions. The music on this, our second genocide, is a cohesive front of total slaughter. Parageist, Ghast and Månas Reaver function in ungodly furies that few in metal can match.This album was made with only the catharsis of grenade-like rage in its heart, with no consideration of the appraisal of mankind.”

The entire album is available for streaming via Decibel Magazine AT THIS LOCATION

The repugnant artwork completed by Jenglot Hitam





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