LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE – “Father Of Fate” (Official Video)

A new line-up, a new record and new inspirations, while returning to their well-proven strengths: German dark metal band Lacrimas Profundere place their focus on doom. On July 26th 2019, their current album Bleeding The Stars will hit the market in the wake of 3 run-up single releases: The first one, ‘Father Of Fate’ and its accompanying video clip is out now!

The album was produced by Kristian ‘Kohle’ Kohlmannslehner, the cover artwork – featuring shades of deep crimson – was again created by Brazilian artist Elton Fernandes. Asked about their telling album title, Olly says the following: “We read up on the big bang theory a bit. When something huge is created, there is always blood and tears involved somewhere in the process. And voilà: the album’s title was born!

First single of the upcoming album “Bleeding The Stars“, to be released worldwide on July 26 via Steamhammer/Oblivion/SPV. Get the single and the album here:

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LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE – new album “Bleeding The Stars” in July 2019!


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