Haunting folk duo DEEP DARK RIVER announce new album King of the Forest

For fans of Woods of Ypres, Agalloch, Musk Ox, Shawn James, Amigo the Devil

Toronto’s DEEP DARK RIVER Announce The Release Of Their New Haunting, Introspective Folk Album “King Of The Forest” Out June 2019

“King of the Forest” Out June 21st, 2019 via North Soul Records
LR – Nathen Morrison (cello), Morgan Rider (vocals, guitar, piano)

As yet another legendary Canadian winter draws to a close, Canadian haunting folk duo DEEP DARK RIVER have crept from the darkness to unveil their forthcoming album “King of the Forest”. This blast of cold and haunting folk will greet the Summer Solstice on June 21st, 2019 and will surely chill the bones of any fans of AgallochWoods of Ypres or Shawn James.

Dark and melodious, DEEP DARK RIVER create an evocatively majestic blend of acoustic guitar, cello and voice while imparting the tale of an ancient woodland guardian witnessing the demise of their arboreal realm. The album was self-recorded by the duo; mixed and mastered by Morgan Rider in his home studio. The album artwork was also crafted by Morgan Rider. The 7 song album, clocking in at around 33 minutes will be the first release on Rider’s label North Soul Records. “King of the Forest” will also be the first part in a four album quadrilogy that the duo plan to release over the next 2 years.

Their first single “Starfire” is already turning attention from new fans around the globe.

From the outset, Morgan Rider’s Deep Dark River is a pilgrimage into the unknown, the Canadian heart at the very centre of the album is one that intrigues, one that has the nostrils twitching in the wildness of the experience, but one that understands that whilst the scenery is one shrouded by the shadow of the timber wolf sniffing the air in search of fresh blood, it is the soul of the Canadian nature that makes the experience charming, beautiful and positive…

Hear the stunningly beautiful single ‘Starfire’ at the following link:

Show Dates:
04.03 – GRAVENHURST, ON – The Oar (Morgan Rider solo show)
04.05 – WHITBY, ON – Melanie Pringles (Morgan Rider solo show)
04.06 – OSHAWA, ON – The Beer Drum (Morgan Rider solo show)
04.12 – PERTH, ON – Fiddleheads (Morgan Rider solo show)
04.13 – CAMPBELLFORD, ON – Church-Key Grindhouse (Morgan Rider solo show)
04.26 – BOWMANVILLE, ON – Manantler Craft Brewing

Track Listing:
1. Beneath An Ancient Sky [2:08]
2. Of Primeval Ilk [6:12]
3. Starfire [6:05]
4. The Inferno [4:57]
5. Doom Must Come To Pass [5:00]
6. The Hunter [5:24]
7. Bloodied & Uncrowned [3:11]

Band Lineup:  
Morgan Rider – Vocals, guitar, piano, percussion
Nathen Morrison – Cello

DEEP DARK RIVER on the web:
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