TAPHOS and BALMOG at Party.San Open Air


it stays murky and underground. The band we present to you today likes to spit poison and gall in all directions.

Denmark 2016 – an inconspicuous demo cassette comes to see the twilight of the world. Who could guess that with the labelless short run of only 70 pieces the triumph of a future institution of underground death metal begins? In the meantime, TAPHOS from Denmark have added 3 more cassettes as well as a full album and do not seem to end their creativity for a long time. Blackened Death Metal in the style of old Morbid Angel meets Sadistic Intent with a pinch of gloomy blackness. Look forward to it! Tickets are available over here: https://www.cudgel.de/Tickets/

Origin: Denmark

Style: Blackened Death Metal

Roots: Morbid Angel, Sadistic Intent

Social: https://www.facebook.com/taphosdeath/

Sit back and feel the warm and humid breeze of salty Atlantic air on the coast of Galicia. Do you notice how the sun shines on your skin, warms you from the inside and relaxes your body completely? Good, because …

The next moment you will be catapulted into the shallows of hell! While falling through the flames of the underworld, the infernal sounds of BALMOG whip you further and further down. All the sun, fresh air and good fish dishes seem to be not enough to make regular beach boys out of this guys – in fact they sound more like a bunch of untamed and posessed Scandinavians. Sounds nasty? It is! Give full throttle and secure your tickets now! -> https://www.cudgel.de/Tickets/

Origin: Spain

Style: Black/Death Metal

Roots: Watain, Merrimack

Social: https://www.facebook.com/Balmog-365630056846060/

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