OMENFILTH – Decibel Magazine Premieres “Summon The Beast Of Damnation” From Philippines-Based Black Metal Practitioners

Decibel Magazine is currently streaming “Summon The Beast Of Damnation,” the latest psalm from Philippines-based black metal practitioners OMENFILTH. The punishing new tune comes by way of the band’s impending Devourer Of The Seven Moons full-length, slated to drop later this month via eternal death.
“This track is one of most aggressive and musically adventurous songs we’ve ever written,” notes the band of the track. “It’s fast, ravaging, dark, angry, moody, and slapped with a very impious lyrical bent that we’ll leave to the listener to come up with their own conclusions. And yet it’s got two different dissonant riffs that strangely harmonize on the verses and a melodic mid-section. It’s got everything, from bestial rhythms to the melodic mid-section and the thrashy guitar solo. It spans a wide array of extreme metal sub-genres and blends them together flawlessly and still sounds identifiably OMENFILTH without losing any character.”
Hear OMENFILTH “Summon The Beast Of Damnation,” only at Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.
OMENFILTH‘s Devourer Of The Seven Moons will be released on CD, cassette, and digital formats on April 12th via Eternal Death. The ten-track offering includes three bonus tracks: a cover of Vulcano’s “Bloody Vengeance” and live recordings of “Equinox Of Evil” and “Fading Embers Of A Dying Era,” both from the band’s 2016 Opus Sanguinarium offering. For preorders, visit the Eternal Death Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION where “The Embrace Of Solitude” can also be streamed.
Following the path of traditional black metal rather than the war metal influences often associated with their place of origin, OMENFILTH‘s Devourer Of The Seven Moons showcases the strengths of the band – eerie melodies (“The Embrace Of Solitude”), headbanging fury (“Summon The Beast Of Damnation,” “Seared By The Flames Of Bawo”), and violent upsurges (“Bakuana Ex Inferis”). Appealing more to fans of bands like Varathron or Darkthrone than Blasphemy or Von, Devourer Of The Seven Moons shows that southeast Asian black metal is more than just sleazy goatworship and miniguns. Following the lyrical themes of the album, the artwork of Dave Fogg is based on the ancient Filipino mythological entity Bakunawa aka “The Devourer Of The Seven Moons.”

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