BOOK OF WYRMS release new song “Spirit Drifter”

Doom metal band BOOK OF WYRMS have just released their stunning new single “Spirit Drifter“. The song is taken from their upcoming album Remythologizer which will be released via Twin Earth Records in summer of 2019.

The band commented, “We are proud as hell to offer up this freaky trip and grateful to everyone digging it in their starcrafts and space trucks or what have you.”

Listen to the song here:

Buy the song here:​


Sarah Moore-Lindsey: Vocals and synthesizers
Kyle Lewis: Guitar
Chris DeHaven: Drums
Jay Lindsey: Bass


Demo – 2015

Sci-Fi/Fantasy – 2017 (Twin Earth)

Remythologizer – 2019 (Twin Earth)



IG: @bookofwyrms


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