FRENZY to Release New Album ‘Blind Justice’ on Vinyl Format April 26

Blind Justice, the debut album from Heavy Metal torchbearers and comic book fanatics FRENZY will be released on vinyl LP format April 26 via Underground Power Records, coinciding with the album’s availability at Germany’s Keep it True Festival.

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Self-admitted Heavy Metal and Comics fanatics and fronted by U.S. born singer Anthony Stephen, FRENZY has successfully created a fresh approach to the traditional style accompanied by great lyrics focused on comic books and graphic novels such as Daredevil, From Hell, The Killing Joke, Silver Surfer, X-Men, and others. This band truly is the perfect union of Heavy Metal and Comics, combining the “larger than life” and epic aspects of Heavy Metal with those of the Comic Book classics, as well as the urban culture common to both worlds. Those elements together form the FRENZY universe.

The graphic artwork of Mike Mora (Heavy Metal Magazine) and Javier Pastor (Evil Rite) on Blind Justice (complete with 16-page booklet in comic book style) is the perfect match for this music, resulting in a holistic listening experience.

“Save Me” (Official Video)
“From Hell” (Lyric Video)
“Shred or Die” (Lyric Video)

"Frenzy's Blind Justice offers a solid, nearly flawless, platter of entertaining traditional heavy metal with plenty groove and loaded with frenetic guitar work. Easily recommended." [5/5]
- Dangerdog Music Reviews

"A clever, superbly composed, recorded and produced album, FRENZY’s Blind Justice' gives the listener an incredible surge, which I dare to compare to driving a car at 100 miles per hour into a brick wall, to walk away unhurt, pumped with adrenaline! Buy this now!" [10/10]
- Unique High Fidelity

"A great mix of traditional music and comic book/graphic novel subject matter - ideal for fans of Racer X, Judas Priest, and Accept among others." [8.5/10]
- Dead Rhetoric

"Heavy Metal excellence!"
- Sentinel Daily

"Friends of classic heavy metal of the 1980s should definitely keep an eye on Frenzy." [5/6]
- Eternity Magazin

"A candidate for one of the best heavy metal albums of the year! "
- Rafabasa

“Epic, energetic and melodic are words that don’t even come close... Riffs, riffs, riffs and gymnastic vocals.”
- CultMetalFlix

“Let me make something clear before we even start: this is simply a new sensation on matters of old-school, traditional heavy metal.”
- Lords of Metal

"If your pulse quickens when you hear albums like Back for the Attack, Thunder in the East, or Love you to Pieces, then Blind Justice is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and stir your imagination. It's incredibly well done for the style, and the comic-book lyrical inspiration is just the icing on the cake."
- Metal Chaos Magazine

"An energetic, uplifting shot of traditional heavy metal."
- Skull Fracturing Metal

"Album of the Week."
- Metal Cloud

"Album of the Week."
- Maehem Underground Media

"A fantastic record that brings us back to those glorious years of heavy metal. Highly recommended."
- Rock Angels

"There's something true and honest about Frenzy's heavy metal that really gets through to me. It doesn't sound like they bent over backwards to clone the sound and style of early 80's just comes naturally to them."
Dr. Mality's Dungeon

"Well composed and well played heavy rock, where inspiration and energy are not lacking." [4/5]
- All Around Metal

"Next to Batman probably the most convincing thing that Gotham City has to offer. (Super) heroic performance."
- RockMagazine

"FRENZY pay homage to good old heavy metal and the world of Marvel comics. And it's a lot of fun listening. Eleven tracks in the intersection of LIZZY BORDEN, HEAVY LOAD and currently NIGHT DEMON, seasoned with a pinch of JUDAS PRIEST."
- Streetclip

"A great hidden gem of an album."
- CGCM Podcast

"Blind Justice is the best food for all old-school Hard Rock / Metal disciples of the 80's and will undoubtedly be a contender for the Newcomer of the Year.” [8.5/10]
- Hellfire Magazin

"This band truly is the right mix between Heavy Metal and Comics, combining the epic mood of Heavy Metal with the Comic Book classics, as well as the urban culture common to both worlds."
- Hard Rock Heavy Metal

"Frenzy leaves us a sensational debut!"
- MariskalRock

"Nice play! Join two worlds Geeks: Metal and comics. For fans of Loudness, Racer X, Lizzy Borden, Dokken, Van Halen, Helloween."
- Metal Na Lata

"This is 80s to the bone, with songs spending about half the time in a double bass frenzy of the fastest that Judas Priest and Dokken had to offer, with the other half being more traditional mid paced stuff akin to Accept or Iron Maiden. Energetic and raucous."
- Lair of the Bastard 

"Blind justice exceeds the expectations raised by Lethal Protector and shows an evident progression in FRENZY . If you like heavy, you know what you are coming to: guaranteed fun."
- Subterraneo Webzine

 "Guitar power, attractive compositions, easy to listen and also enjoy live."
- MetalBrothers

"Frenetic energy and pounding melody!"
- The Median Man

Blind Justice Track Listing:

  1. Blind Justice
  2. From Hell
  3. Killing with a Smile
  4. Save Me
  5. Twilight of the Sapiens
  6. We are the Future
  7. Velocity
  8. Mad Ball
  9. Waiting on your Call
  10. Annihilated by my Sound
  11. Shred or Die
Frenzy is:
Anthony Stephen: Vocals
Angel Muñoz “Choco”: Bass
Víctor Díaz: Guitars
Luis Pinedo: Guitars
David Ontanaya: Drums

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