MIST OF MISERY – Album ‘Unalterable’ of Swedish symphonic/atmospheric black metal group out today via Black Lion Records

Swedish symphonic/atmospheric black metal unit MIST OF MISERY‘s highly anticipated third album,Unalterable, is out today in the form of 2CD Digipak via Black Lion Records. 

“The conception of Unalterable goes a long way back, as the title track was actually written in 2014. However, we had no idea that we were going to use it as the title track for our third full length album back then. The rest of the songs were composed during 2017 and 2018, and the recording of the album was done during that period,” MIST OF MISERY informs. “This album differs a bit from our earlier releases, both in terms of production and composition of the songs. The songs are longer, darker and more atmospheric than any previous releases, and the album clocks in at nearly 2 hours, thus making it the longest we’ve ever recorded by far.”

“The title Unalterable refers to the path of life, unalterable despite all efforts to alter the course – how you’re bound to dwell in this miserable existence until life’s end.”

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Stockholm’s MIST OF MISERY’s distinctive and decorative blending of symphonic black metal, DSBM, and a thimbleful of classical music elements has been being raved over by the listeners and critics alike ever since the birth of their 2016’s album Absence. The following year saw the arrival of two lauded short chapters — Shackles of Life and Fields of Isolation — both linking a good resemblance to the last album in terms of sonic aesthetics.

The departure of the long time solider Phlegathon (who left the band to focus more on his other band Hyperion) and the inclusion of Tenebris in the late 2017 marked a new era for Mist of Misery.  With the new lineup, Mist of Misery recorded their third full length, Unalterable, during 2017-2018. Where the title track of the album was originally written in 2014, the rest of the numbers were composed in between 2017-2018.   According to the band, this album differs from the previous efforts both in terms of production and composition.

Clocking in at nearly 2 hours, Unalterable is the longest and the most monumental record the band have produced to date. Yet, it doesn’t refuse to present the grandeur of the band’s signature elegance. Mist of Misery’s melancholic tunes neither exhort one to commit self-destruction unlike the typical nature of DSBM, and despite possessing cold and bleak environment, nor incite any hateful vibe — instead, the profound and haunting dark-atmospheric melodies embody a desolate, medieval forest that can only be found in the everlasting literary works. The album features the cover version of Stormblåst, the title track from Dimmu Borgir 1996’s classic, and Red Snow, a number of German ambient/depressive black metal project ColdWorld from its debut album“Melancholie²”.


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