DEAD REGISTER stream live set

Gothic metal band DEAD REGISTER have teamed up with Distorted Sound to stream the live footage of their Captive EP release. The EP was originally released in November to vast critical acclaim.

Watch the live footage here:

Stream/Purchase Captive here:

Dead Register is a genre-bending, sad-sap, tortured, cry-in-my-coffee, gloomy, pretentious, heavy, dual-bass three-piece fronted by husband and wife: M. Chvasta (vocals, bass VI, bass) and Avril Che (88 keys of synthetic bass, low-low end, textures; plus backing vocals, live visuals, all band artistic media and music videos), along with Danny Ryann (percussion). 

Est. 2013 with EZdrummer on beats, swiftly evolving in 2014 to the panty-melting drumming of Chad Williams, and most recently the percussive magic of Danny Ryann.

Dead Register has three critically acclaimed releases:
• TRVNS BLVK – Demo (2014)
• FIBER – LP (2016 AVR Records; 2017 Throne Records, Spain)
• CAPTIVE – EP (2018 AVR Records)

Dead Register has been described by showgoers as “Peter Murphy wearing a His Hero is Gone shirt kicking you in the teeth.” Or Bauhaus covering Type O Negative. Dead Can Dance covering Isis. Joy Division covering Cult of Luna. With vibes that can complement 80’s new wave to 2000’s black metal.

Dead Register’s crushing yet accessible sound has paired well as live support for Author & Punisher, Wovenhand, Agalloch, Pinkish Black, Vowws, Tombs, Alcest, Order of the Owl, Pleasures, Wolvhammer, King Dude, Set and Setting, Hexxus, The Body, SubRosa, and many more.

For all fans of the CVLT bands new and old: Chelsea Wolfe, Soft Kill, Soft Moon, True Widow, Cold Cave, Dead Can Dance, Deafheaven, Killing Joke, Godflesh, Neurosis, Ritual Howls, Drab Majesty, Pallbearer, Youth Code, Windhand, Anter Irma, Russian Circles, Sumac. Etc. You get the picture.

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