FATAL CURSE stream SHADOW KINGDOM debut at TheObelisk.net

Today, true metal purists Fatal Curse stream the entirety of striking debut album, Breaking the Trance, at true-as-steel web-portal TheObelisk.net. Set for international release on April 19th via Shadow Kingdom Records, hear Fatal Curse‘s Breaking the Trance in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Hailing from New York, Fatal Curse are a veritable throwback to earlier, simpler times. Theirs is a roots-oriented sound squarely focusing on early speed metal on both sides of the Atlantic and America’s contemporaneous power metal movement. No thrashing like a maniac here: Fatal Curse create classy ‘n’ cruising anthems of ageless heavy metal might on Breaking the Trance!

Indeed, much of Fatal Curse‘s flash ‘n’ finesse stems from their power-trio lineup, with each member locked in to the other and pumping out seamless, gleaming-chrome odes to such timeless topics as “Blade in the Dark,” “Priestess of Fire,” “Chains of Eternity,” and “Eyes of the Demon,” among others. Nope, you “Can’t Stop the Thunder” here, especially those lightning-explosive yet narrative leads at the hands of guitarist Dave Gruver.

From later Thin Lizzy to Tokyo Blade in the prime, early Virgin Steele to early Jag Panzer, Borrowed Time-era Diamond Head to Witch Cross’ Fit for Fight, Liege Lord to Omen to Helstar and beyond: step onto the wayback machine with Fatal Curse and start Breaking the Trance!

Step fully onto that wayback machine exclusively HERE, courtesy of TheObelisk.net. Preorder info can be found HERE at Shadow Kingdom‘s Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Fatal Curse’s Breaking the Trance
1. Breaking the Trance
2. Blade in the Dark
3. Gang Life
4. Can’t Stop the Thunder
5. Chains of Eternity
6. Priestess of Fire
7. Eyes of the Demon


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