Guitarist Frankie C. (Vesperia) Unleashes His Shredding Playthrough “Fall of The Hammer”

Frankie C., known for his guitar work in Canadian symphonic death metal band Vesperia recently released his side project entitled “Cellular Damascus” this past March. An instrumental solo project that came to light after he was crowned champion of season one of “Shredders of Metal” presented by Banger TV. The EP is technical, groovy and energetic, and lets the listener focus on the guitar work that he takes great pride in orchestrating.

Posting his latest playthrough video for his track “Fall of The Hammer”, Frankie C. comments:

“‘Fall Of The Hammer’ was the main inspiration for the intro, ‘So It Begins’. The idea was to come out of the intro and keep building and building. You will notice this song gets darker and heavier as it goes. There are an array of melodic passages, driving grooves as well as fast picking and arpeggio sections. This song will keep you headbanging throughout the tune.”

Watch the shredding power of “Fall of The Hammer” at the following link: 

Frankie C. adds:

“I want fans to have fun listening to ‘Cellular Damascus’. I wanted to create interesting melodic phrases, but still have heavy riffs to headbang along with, shred hard, but not lose sight of the music and try to have a clear mix where things aren’t overly processed but all instruments/parts are still clear and audible.”

All four tracks on this debut flow together and show off excellent musicianship. Excited to be focusing on more solo work in the future, Frankie C. has confirmed another release in the future. 

“Cellular Damascus” is now out as of March 13, 2019, and available for stream and download on BandcampSpotifyYoutubeiTunes.

Track Listing:
1. So It Begins (1:06)
2. Fall Of The Hammer (2:55)
3. Cellular Damascus (3:14)
4. Life By Fire (3:19)
EP Length:

For more info:

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Guitarist FRANKIE C. (Vesperia) Unleashes His Next Shredding Playthrough “Cellular Damascus”


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