THE ODIOUS – Prog-Death Metal/Prog-Rock Unit Launch “Repugnant” At Everything Is Noise. Vesica Piscis out June 21st. FFO: BTBAM, Mr. Bungle, Replacire

Portland, Oregon-based progressive death metal/progressive rock faction The Odious recently officially announced the upcoming June 21st release of their second full-length album, Vesica Piscis. It is the highly anticipated follow up to their late-December 2012 debut album, Joint Ventures, a release that is revered in progressive metal circles even now. Prior to the release of Joint Ventures, the band captured the attention of the progressive metal world with their 2011 EP, That Night a Forest Grew

As a band with an unconventional sound and a cutting-edge approach to their craft, it’s not all that unusual that The Odious took a number of years between releases when carefully crafting Vesica Piscis. The results speak for themselves, as few bands contain the rare mix of top-notch talent, wide-ranging musical focus, and advanced songwriting abilities that The Odious has in spades on Vesica Piscis.

This rare gift allows them to create stunning boundaryless progressive minded metal that transports the listener to a world all its own. Visionary eclectic artists such as Devin Townsend, Between The Buried And Me, and Mr. Bungle serve as a loose series of reference points to help cue the listener into the mercurial ever-shifting journey that is Vesica Piscis. Ever a hard to describe act, the band’s new album continues their established approach to boldly blurring the lines between progressive rock, progressive death metal, progressive metal, and more with ease. 

Today the band partnered with Everything Is Noise to launch the album’s first single, “Repugnant”. 

You can listen to The Odious -“Repugnant” HERE

Everything Is Noise comments on the premiere of “Repugnant”
“When a band comes back after a long hiatus, there is always a worry that the new material might not live up to the band’s former glory. Thankfully, The Odious has destroyed any reasonable doubt that their upcoming album, Vesica Piscis, would not be full of roaring progressive-metal grooves with their new single “Repugnant”.”

The Odious is based out of Portland, Oregon and sound like a death metal version of Between The Buried And Me, mixed with healthy doses of Mr Bungle. The result is a full-throttle metal experience, so expect furious grooves, metered by whacky time-signatures and progressive transitions through the various musical styles in their music.”

The Odious – Vesica Piscis Track List
1. Scape
2. Repugnant
3. Arbiter of Taste
4. Glowjaw
5. Hastor the Shepard Gaunt
6. Vesica Piscis
7. Heavy Rhetoric
8. 物の哀れ (Mono no Aware)
9. Misuse and Malignment
10. Fix

The Odious – Vesica Piscis Line-Up
Spencer Linn – Guitars/Vocals
Patrick Jobe – Vocals
Garrett Haag – Drums (Bystander)
Austin Haag – Bass (Tracks 2, 3) (Bystander)
Spencer Linn – Bass (Tracks 1, 4 – 7, 9, 10)
Michael Blye – Bass (Track 8)
Aaron Stern – Moog (Track 4) (Sheers, !mindparade)

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