FRACTURES & OUTLINES Premiere Music Video “Defenseless” + Debut Album Out May 2019

Leading up to the release of their debut full-length album “Defenseless”FRACTURES & OUTLINES, post-hardcore from Gatineau, Canada is releasing their new music video for the album’s title track out viaSpaceUntravel‘s YouTube channel: 

The title track features the band’s signature catchy vocals blending punk rock into the post-hardcore breakdowns bordering on metalcore with both the melody and aggressiveness. The band explains the meaning behind their work:

“It has punk rock riffs and a melodic chorus, with heavy breakdown for contrast. The song is about struggling with depression and alcoholism and losing the fight.”

Full of heavy hooks, catchy choruses and brutal breakdowns the album clearly shows the band’s punk and hardcore influences, and follows their 2017 EP ‘Checkmate’. FRACTURES & OUTLINES comments that the sound will be a bit different from the demo: 

“Since the EP, we are definitely more mature than our first release. We’re used to working with each other and we’re all motivated to try new things.”

FRACTURES & OUTLINES are suggested for any breakdown fans, especially those who already include Silverstein, Alexisonfire, A Day to Remember and Killswitch Engage in their rotations.

“Defenseless” will be released on May 17, 2019 and is available on the band’s Bandcamp along with their first single “Mirrors”.

“Mirrors” is available on Youtube:–_kfDU
Plus streaming on Spotify and iTunes

Show Dates:
May 24 – Bar Sportif La Zone – Gatineau, QC – info
May 25 – Breakdown Fest 2019 – Le National – Montreal, QC – info
June 7 – Vankleek Hill FarmFest 2019 – Vankleek Hill, ON – info 

Track Listing:
1. End of The World (3:03)
2. Echoes (2:39)
3. Defenseless (3:29)
4. Mirrors (3:32)
5. Ouragan (3:43)
6. Over My Head (3:21)
7. The Oppressor (4:47)
8. Spades (4:37)
9. Swallowing Teeth (4:13)
10. Defenseless (Acoustic version) (3:37)
Album Length: 37:05

For More Info:

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