Kitchener’s CATHARTIC DEMISE Streaming Debut EP via MetalMasterKingdom

Fresh out of Kitchener, Canada, CATHARTIC DEMISE are releasing their debut self-titled three-track EP on April 26, 2019.

Before it’s officially unleashed the band has teamed up with MetalMasterKingdom for the premiere of EP’s full stream at the following link: 

The band comments:

“The EP as a whole is meant to give off a short and sweet impression on everything we do. It’s only an EP so someone wouldn’t have to invest much time to get a grasp of what we do. Liberty was written as a good opener, very high energy with the most aggression and technicality of all of the songs. The Vice is the shortest song, with many movements, written to be the catchiest song of the whole bunch, very much written in a pop style. Solar Returning is more of an ‘epic’ song, with the atmosphere of the whole outro being the main point of it all, being the climax of all of the earlier ideas that run throughout the whole song.”

The EP will be available for download and stream on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes.

Lyric video “The Vice” – 

Show Dates:
May 4 – Kitchener, ON – The Boathouse

Track Listing:
1. Liberty (6:27)
2. The Vice (4:18)
3. Solar Returning (9:14)
EP Length: 20:02

For More Info:

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