“Everything Evokes” is the new official CROWN OF AUTUMN videoclip

Only three weeks have passed since the release of “Byzantine Horizons” but the success was really so striking that CROWN OF AUTUMN would like to thank their fans with a new video, “Everything Evokes”.
Appreciate it at https://youtu.be/bqNXJakpemg

And do not forget to listen to and buy “Byzantine Horizons” at http://smarturl.it/COABYZ

Welcome to a new epic dark ride!

Cover and tracklist:

1. A Mosaic Within
2. Dhul-Qarnayn
3. Scepter And Soil
4. Cyclopean
5. Lo Sposo Dell’Orizzonte
6. Everything Evokes
7. Walls Of Stone, Tapestries Of Light
8. Whores For Eleusis
9. Lorica
10. Roman Diary
11. Our Withering Will


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