RICTUS – V. Dorian – Official Music Video

Rictus has just followed up their November released Leprotic Mass with their first full production grade music video, promoting their single, “V. Dorian”. In celebration of this release, Pale Noise Media has made Leprotic Mass available at Name-Your-Price for a limited time on their Bandcamp.

Rictus – V. Dorian – Official Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_jleyaHjZY

Rictus has been working on producing this video since summer of last year.  All physical arts and the extensive costume fabrications were executed by lead composer and guitarist/vocalist Matt Wees, while the post production and direction of photography was fronted by lead arranger and bassist/co-vocalist Andy Meyer. This was a very time consuming and large-scale project for the group to undertake, being a completely new experience for everyone. They are extremely proud of the end result but want to assure you that this is not the last you will see from Leprotic Mass.

The video is available now under Pale Noise Media’s YouTube channel, as well as their recently released animated digital booklet, including all associated paintings, sculptures, and lyrics that accompany Leprotic Mass

LINKS:Dorian – Official Music Video

Animated Digital Booklet/Stream

Leprotic Mass on Bandcamp

Rictus on Facebook

@rictusmusic on Instagram

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