BLACK TUSK embark on European tour

BLACK TUSK are about to embark on their previously announced European tour dates in support of their, in 2018 released, album ‘TCBT’. The tour will kick off at both Deserfests 2019 in London and Germany and sees the band traveling throughout 11 more countries until a final curtain at the D.K. Luksus in Wrocklaw (PL). A full list of confirmed dates can be found below.

BLACK TUSK comments on the tour: “It’s been a few years since we have been able to travel across Europe playing shows and a lot has happened in that time. We’ve released a new album and added a second guitar player. We are very excited to come play and show y’all all the new stuff we’ve been working on as well as old material with a new spin!”

04 May 19 London (UK) Desertfest 2019 (Tickets)
05 May 19 Berlin (DE) Desertfest 2019 (Tickets)
06 May 19 Hamburg (DE) Hafenklang
07 May 19 Kopenhagen (DK) Loppen
08 May 19 Oslo (NO) Revolver (Tickets)
09 May 19 Gothenburg (SE) Musikens Hus (Tickets
10 May 19 Borlange (SE) Broken Dreams (Tickets)
12 May 19 Athens (GR) An Club (Tickets)
13 May 19 Wiesbaden (DE) Schlachthof (Tickets)
14 May 19 Osnabrück (DE) Bastard Club (Tickets)
15 May 19 Köln (DE) MTC (Tickets)
16 May 19 Brussel (BE) Magasin 4 (Tickets)
17 May 19 Mannheim (DE) 7er Club (Tickets)
18 May 19 Martigny (CH) Les Caves du Manoir (Tickets)
19 May 19 Savigliano (IT) Circolo Arci Mazcal
21 May 19 Rome (IT) Evol Live (Tickets)
22 May 19 Bologna (IT) Freak Out Club (Tickets)
23 May 19 Milano (IT) Ligera (Tickets)
24 May 19 Zagerb (HR) Mochvara (Tickets)
25 May 19 Budapest (HU) Dürer Kert (Tickets)
26 May 19 Vienna (AT) Viper Room (Tickets)
28 May 19 Wroclaw (PL) D.K. Luksus (Tickets)

BLACK TUSK will be playing in support of their latest release ‘TCBT’ which was released in August 2018 and is streaming in full here!

The band comments on the album: “We decided to entitle this record ‘TCBT.’ Its a play on TCB, taking care of business, add a T to the end and its Taking Care of Black Tusk. Its an idea, a slogan if you will that James and Athon came up with some years ago, and since his passing and essentially the reformation of this band we found it fitting for a title. We turned inward after Pillars of Ash. Corey came on board and we did the tours to support that record playing the songs that we had written with Athon, Then we took some time off and learned how to write with a new member, we took our time and worked out our ideas, we brought new ideas and talents into the fold. This record is something that we are truly proud of, its the culmination of two years of reworking ourselves as a band. We’ve closed one chapter of this band are starting anew, we are Taking Care of Black Tusk. We recorded this record as a three piece and are going to tour to perform it as a four piece. With a nod to our past and with the knowledge of lessons learned and experience gained, we are heading back out full throttle with a new energy and a new band. When you listen, you will hear Black Tusk, not the old as was, but a new Black Tusk keeping tour roots and carving a new path.”

The cover art of ‘TCBT’ can be viewed together with the album details below.

1. A Perfect View of Absolutely Nothing (1:22)
2. Closed Eye (2:28)
3. Agali (3:47)
4. Lab Rat (4:10)
5. Scalped (4:47)
6. Ghosts Roam (4:10)
7. Ill At Ease (4:03)
8. Rest With the Dead (4:55)
9. Never Ending Daymare (2:57)
10. Orange Red Dead (2:06)
11. Whispers (3:29)
12. Burn the Stars (4:14)
Total 42:28

There was blood, maybe a few tears too, but more than anything, it was sweat that marks this brand new release of BLACK TUSK called ‘TCBT’.

When BLACK TUSK first hit the streets with their debut EP, ‘When Kingdoms Fall’ in the year 2005, the band had grown out of the Savannah scene but right from the start with their own twist. The three-piece consisting of guitarist Andrew, Athon on bass, and drummer James with all sharing vocal duties added a dash of punk as well as a viscous heaviness and groove to the Savannah school of rock that some critics compared with various stoner and sludge outfits.

Flanked by further EPs, split-singles, and demos, BLACK TUSK steadily expanded both in reach and number of die-hard followers with each successive album, ‘The Fallen Kingdom’ (2007), ‘Passage Through Purgatory’ (2008), ‘Taste the Sin’ (2010), ‘Set the Dial’ (2011), and ‘Pillars of Ash’ (2016). Partly responsible for their success, are the strong live shows of the trio, which garnered early attention on tour with such heavy-weights as BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, DOWN, WEEDEATER, and EYEHATEGOD. Meanwhile the band has toured and performed at most major metal festivals both at home and overseas.

Their latest full-length, ‘Pillars of Ash’ sadly had to appear posthumously for one member as the band had tragically lost their charismatic bass-player Athon through a motorcycle accident. With a heavy heart, BLACK TUSK decided to honour Athon’s memory by carrying on and recruited veteran musician and already long-time friend Corey Barhorst (EX-KYLESA) to take over his duties on the low end.

Now with the 6th studio album ‘TCBT’, which was recorded at The Garage Savannah and mixed by engineer and long-time collaborator Chris “Scary” Adams, BLACK TUSK show the world they lived through the kind of hardship and heartbreak that would cripple a lesser band, but it’s that dedication, gumption, and pure bullheaded stubbornness that took care of business, keeps taking care of business – and Taking Care of Black Tusk.

Andrew Fidler – guitar, vocals
Corey Barhorst – bass, vocals
James May – drums, vocals
Chris “Scary” Adams – guitar, vocals

Recording Line-up:
Andrew Fidler – guitar, vocals
Corey Barhorst – bass, vocals
James May – drums, vocals

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