BURIAL PARTY release new song “Black Stripe”

BURIAL PARTY  have teamed up with Captured Howls to release their track “Black Stripe“. The song is taken from their upcoming EP Please Electric, Move Slow which will be released in July.

The site commented “While maintaining a fierce clear undercurrent of personal angst, this music is something that’s also easily enjoyed. The particular tones this band use in their heavy environment feel somewhat upbeat and catchy, keeping the energy up and moving forward on “Black Stripe.” In its dark and sonically heavy context, it provides a rocking good time, which on any scope is a remarkable feat when dealing with the weight of life. Ultimately, “Black Stripe” is a forwardly poignant song.”

Listen to the song here: https://capturedhowls.com/2019/05/02/get-lost-in-super-catchy-new-heaviness-from-burial-party-exclusively-right-here/


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