Instrumental / post rock album of guitarist ZSOLT SZIJÁRTÓ is out now

The first instrumental solo album of well known Hungarian guitarist Zsolt Szijártó (Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens [live], Kárpátia, ex-Omen), ‘Stoppos a Galaxisban’ (English: Hitchhiker in the Galaxy) is out now and can be ordered on the link below. The record will also be available for streaming on all popular platforms including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music very soon. The record features 10 songs with Zsolt’s unique guitar sound, which made him very popular in Hungary.

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The cover art of this instrumental post rock album was made by Gyula Havancsák (Wintersun, Accept, Ensiferum, Grave Digger, Stratovarius and numerous others) who also plays bass on the album among many other musicians. The first single and video for the title track was released earlier last month, and will be followed by a second one, shot for the track “Már elégtünk volna”, expected to be released on 5th May.

▶️ Zsolt Szijártó: ‘Stoppos a Galaxisban’ (Official music video)

Several guest musicians perform on the album, with a total of 7 bass players, 3 guitarists, 6 drummers, and a keyboardist, including drummer Gergő Borlai, who already played on one of Tony McAlpine’s albums and was invited to Steve Vai’s and Joe Satrini’s G4 tour.

Zsolt Szíjártó – Stoppos a Galaxisban
(2019 – Nail Records)

  1. Ne ess pánikba!
  2. Űrhajótörött
  3. Földfogyatkozás
  4. Ha felhő jön, Zsolti megy!
  5. Már elégtünk volna
  6. Léghajóval a Napba
  7. Szabadesés a nyárba
  8. Stoppos a galaxisban
  9. 4 G 6-ás
  10. Sörútrendszer

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