LA BOTTEGA DEL TEMPO A VAPORE present “Anema Janca” (Official Videoclip)

Italy’s Progressive rock band La Bottega del tempo a Vapore has released the video clip for their new single Anema Janca, a mediterranean song with progressive soul.
Enjoy at:

Anema Janca is available now on:

Time never passes in vain. Hardly and constantly, as a solid master, ticks in the Workshop of the Universe. Sometimes it wastes no time, sometimes it doesn’t. But when everything goes in the right way, the time chain rings link each other, as they are made for, and its action becomes a myth. La Bottega del Tempo a Vapore is the link among 6 different experiences. This strong link is based on a wish to play stories, full of past, music, writing which are the main veins of the Progressive rock The kind of music is not a random choice. In fact, in the last years, music has become simple in order to gain as many as followers all around the world. We try to go upside down this line, where music, rhythm, and riffs are very articulated to let the listener live inside the story events and to see what we want to share. In our works, the plot of the story becomes, then, the main element. In the “ Il Guerriero Errante ” we spoke about a love story between a strong warrior of a King and the Lady, who should marry the Prince. In “ Viaggi Inversi ” we try to trace a temporal line from the future to our days, which includes events from our first work, detailed news about each character like the King, the Witch, and the Lady.

Angelo Santo – Voice
Alessandro Zeoli – Guitar
Luca Iorio – Bass
Giuseppe Sarno – Keyboard
Gabriele Beatrice – Drums
Alfredo Martinelli – Story Writer

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