SAWYER PATH’s New Music Video ‘Through The Lies’ Explores The Turbulence Of A Toxic Relationship

Montreal’s SAWYER PATH is releasing the latest video for the track ‘Through The Lies’ off their 2018 album ‘Toxic Temptation’.

Focused on writing catchy, alternative metalcore with heavy breakdowns and melodic riffs, they have worked together since 2009 and have released two EP’s and three LP’s. Over the years their sound has matured including the two new guitarists they gained as of their last release. SAWYER PATH explains the recent album:

“Our closest fans were pretty stoked by our new material. The two new guitarists have been working together for 15 years so they have quite a chemistry. That changed the sound of the band a bit, but it’s not too drastic and people love it so we’re very proud of this one.”

With relatable lyrical themes including relationships, addictions, failures, and achievements, SAWYER PATH makes an effort to inject their songs with feeling and passion. ‘Through The Lies’ is about a toxic relationship, and the band explains the video behind it:

“The video gives the audience a claustrophobic atmosphere with a dark tone. There is also a blue light on the left and a red light on the right to represent the contrast of love/hate like our album cover. We wanted the fans to feel a tormented sensation with the heavy riffs and dark lyrics, explaining a toxic relationship with someone you need to break away from.”

Melodic and groovy, ‘Through The Lies’ is recommended for fans of Bullet For My Valentine, Papa Roach, and I Prevail

‘Through The Lies’ can be watched via YouTube Channel SpaceUntravel 

‘Toxic Temptation’ is available for stream and download on BandcampSpotifyiTunes.

Music Video – ‘Blind’ – 

Show Dates:
May 12 – Montreal, QC – Foufounes Electriques w/ The Veer Union
May 26 – Montreal, QC – Le National – Breakdown Fest
Aug 16 – Quebec City, QC – L’Anti Bar

Track Listing:
1. Reborn
2. Rise From The Ashes
3. Blind
4. Through The Lies
5. Every Little Thing
6. Crawl
7. Toxic Temptation
8. My Medication
9. Running Out Of Time   

For more info:
Official Website: 

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