Russian Slavic folk metal band SIETA starts crowdfunding campaign for “Novgorod”

Russian Slavic folk metal band Sieta has started a crowdfunding on their debut album “Novgorod”.VIEW THE CAMPAIGN:

The album is based on real events. It involves the times when in the 10th century knyaz Vladimir declared christianity as the state religion of Rus. He forced the people to renounce paganism. But there was one region that did not obey his will аnd fought for its freedom. This was Novgorod.

The album represents the opposing forces of the knyaz and the people of Novgorod using black metal and folk metal. The lyrics are in two ancient languages: Old Russian and Old Church Slavonic. They also represent paganism and christianity in the album.

In addition, as part of the crowdfunding campaign, Sieta has also made a full-band cover video of the legendary Forefather.

Alexander Mokin – vocals
Sergey Stepanenko – guitars
Vuk Brankovich – bass
Dmitry Kim – drums


Sieta — Novgorod Crowdfunding (video):

Forefather – Theodish Belief (Full Band Cover by Sieta) – video:

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