ABRAHMA – Invisible Oranges Premieres Dark New Track From Progressive Heavy Rock Outfit As In Time For The Last Rays Of Light Full-Length Nears Release Via Small Stone

Invisible Oranges is currently streaming “Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 2: Fiddler Of The Bottle,” from French progressive heavy rock outfit ABRAHMA. The haunting tune comes courtesy of the band’s forthcoming In Time For The Last Rays Of Light full-length. Set for release next month via Small Stone, the record follows three tumultuous years of personal challenges and lineup changes and is a chronicle of the ravages of coping with loss and mental illness, brought to bear with heavy and progressive songwriting, melodic catharsis, and an impact that goes beyond the material itself.
Issues guitarist/vocalist Sebastien Bismuth of the track, “‘The ‘Eclipse Of The Sane’ deals with another side of depression: The feeling of being disconnected from everyday life; this sensation of being alone and rejected, even if you have family and friends. It’s like no one understands you and you have a different language from other people… And the more you try socializing, the more you lose. Then begins self-destruction, where all sanity slowly disappears and gives way to some really dark thoughts, which will sometimes give you the need to end it all, and join your ‘ghosts’… This song is also about the ‘alcoholic’ side of it. You know that the ‘magic potion’ will kill you, but this is the only one you can easily buy to rearrange your mind; like a suicide helped by the bottle. The narrator is jailed in his suffering and sings his last requiem to his family and friends.”
Adds Invisible Oranges, “On In Time for the Last Rays of LightABRAHMA provide accounts of the dark condition through eight seductive installments. Carrying on the momentum of Parisian hard rock, the troupe serves up clean singing that has never felt cooler while the heat of psychedelic riffs details a long journey with no seeming end. Vintage vibes with a menacing edge provide a refreshing backdrop for a tale as old as time – after an immense struggle, you finally make it out of bed and into the world right as daylight starts to wane.”
Read more and hear, “Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 2: Fiddler Of The Bottle,” courtesy of Invisible Oranges at THIS LOCATION.  
View the band’s previously-released video for “Lost Forever” as well as the album teaser atTHIS LOCATION.  
ABRAHMA’s In Time For The Last Rays Of Light will be released May 24th on CD and digital formats worldwide via Small Stone Records and in France on Deadlight Entertainment. For preorders go to THIS LOCATION.  
Produced and mixed at Orgone Studios by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Ghost) In Time For The Last Rays Of Light follows 2015’s Reflections In The Bowels Of A Bird, and whether it’s the stark chug and lumbering weight of “Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 1: Isolation Ghosts” or the furious blasting in “Lucidly Adrift,” its songs produce a depth of atmosphere that speaks to the soul that birthed them.
A split with the prior lineup of the band brought the Rouen, France-based founding vocalist/guitarist Sébastien Bismuth into contact with local outfit Splendor Solis, whose members would soon be folded into the new incarnation of ABRAHMA. After many false starts, the band hit the studio in July 2018 and set to work on what is unmistakably their greatest accomplishment to-date: an album that copes with the depression that inspired it and soars hopefully above while reminding that the darkness beneath is ever-present.
“People do not take mental illness seriously,” says Bismuth. “People suffering from depression generally feel rejected, and it is not only a feeling. People who’ve never gone through it generally do not understand how hard it can be to live every day with this weight on your shoulders, all those questions going through your head.”
Spanning genres and decades of influence, from the Bowie-ism of “…Last Epistle” to the gothic unfolding of closer “There Bears The Fruit Of Deceit,” In Time For The Last Rays Of Light speaks with raw honesty and lush craft to its challenges and realizations.
In keeping with the album’s theme, a portion of the merch proceeds from ABRAHMA‘s next tours will go to help those suffering from mental illness. “I decided to use this album as a medication against this depression and maybe help other people in this situation,” Bismuth recounts. “Each song explains a different side of it: loss of confidence, other’s critical looks, the impression of not having a place in this world.”
With front and back covers by famed French artist Gustave Doré (1832-1883) and a greater expanse of sound than ABRAHMA has ever had before, In Time For The Last Rays Of Light confronts its demons and offers a reminder that light exists in the first place.
Sébastien Bismuth – vocals, guitar, effects
Florian Leguillon – guitar, backing vocals
Benoît Carel – guitar, synth, backing vocals
Romain Hauduc – bass, backing vocals
Baptiste Keriel – drums, backing vocals

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