Reactivated DESTROYERS working on new album

The legend of Polish heavy and thrash metal scene, Destroyers, is active again for the first time after disbanding more than 25 years ago. The band, originally established in 1985, decided to return after an invitation to participate in concert celebrating 30th anniversary of their debut album, “Noc Królowej Żądzy” from 1989 (“A Night of the Lusty Queen”).

The comeback show turned out to be a success, receiving unanimous praise from press and audience. It also sealed band’s decision to continue as an active concert act – as for now Destroyers are planning to play more gigs, while at the same time working on a new material intended for their third album.

As Destroyers’ vocalist, Marek Łoza, reports: “We are making sketches of new songs right now. Some of those ideas spent many idle years in my drawer, others we create anew. During band’s initial years I’ve also played bass guitar, so I try to compose new songs on my old 4-string and record it right away. Wojtek, our drummer, also has many ideas – so do original guitarist Adam and current bass player Bolo, who were musically active all these years. After we bring all those elements together, something cool may come out of it, I think”.

The band’s discography ends with 1991 album “The Miseries of Virtue”. Destroyers broke up a few years later, after playing many successful shows on Poland’s most important music festivals, among them cult Jarocin Festival and Metalmania (annual event, on which Destroyers played a few times along top-notch international metal acts).

When can we expect the third full-length from the band? That remains unclear. What we do know however, is that the new songs will be rooted in Destroyers’ unique style. Also the album cover is intended to bring back the spirit of the oldschool. All in all, Destroyers are big on concert plans for the months to come and are open for any interesting proposals.

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