THE NECROSEXUAL release new song

THE NECROSEXUAL has teamed up with No Clean Singing to release his fantastically grim and frostbitten new track “The Lair Where No Light Enters“. The song will be released on the album The Gory Hole Overture In F# which will be released this coming Friday.

The Necrosexual commentedThe Grim One’s thrashy black metal anthem “The Lair Where No Light Enters” is inspired by real life events, specifically, raising holy hell from the darkest depths of my grandmother’s basement. 
We recorded the instrumental parts of this song live in the studio at Panther Pro Audio, to encapsulate a proper Necrosexual concert as closely as possible. I commend my fellow Grim Ones Michael Lee Churry and Anthony Vigo Gabriele for their performance on this song. The thunderous drums and virtuous guitar violence are the perfect storm to accompany my crunchy bass tones and blood curdling falsettos. Enter the Necrosexual’s Lair, and prepare to get rock hard in the graveyard.”

Listen to the track here:

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THE NECROSEXUAL releases new song


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