SCUMRIPPER set release date for HELLS HEADBANGERS debut

Hells Headbangers sets June 28th as the international release date for Scumripper‘s highly anticipated debut album, All Veins Blazing, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Hailing from the filthy metal hotbed that is Finland, Scumripper formed in 2015 and promptly recorded their first demo. Simply self-titled, that first demo would later be issued by Hells Headbangers in 2017 on 7″ vinyl format. Word began to build about the simple yet exquisitely salacious pleasures of Scumripper, and the stage was soon set for the band’s inevitable debut album.

Cheekily titled All Veins Blazing, that Scumripper debut LP is at last upon us, and it builds upon the band’s demo and then some. Still anchored by the axis of vocalist/guitarist Rat Pitt, drummer Son Stalker, and bassist Cliff Hunger, the power-trio quickly proceed to kick out the nasty, sewer-drenched jams. Short and swift, All Veins Blazing is a stripped-down yet sensory-overloaded attack of grinding metalpunk rooted in the likes of Repulsion, The Mentors, Abscess, and Autopsy’s punkest moments.

Here, Scumripper are just as violent and vile as they were on their demo, but they’ve upped the catchiness tenfold. These 11 tracks dig their claws in quickly and deeply, compelling immediate headbanging – and other libations / chemicals, to your taste – and before you know it, 20 minutes have flown by and the album’s over. But that’s what the “repeat” button’s for, or flipping the record over after just one beer’s been guzzled. Doesn’t matter either way to Scumripper, because they have All Veins Blazing always!

Blaze away with the previously revealed track “Nuns ‘n Doses” HERE at Hells Headbangers‘ Bandcamp, where the album can also be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Scumripper’s All Veins Blazing
1. Colonel Gator
2. Slay.Scum.Day.
3. Nuns ‘n’ Doses
4. Your Local Shriner
5. Rock the Bone
6. Three Morbid Magi
7. Mask Merchant
8. All Veins Blazing
9. Eight Rapes a Week
10. Put a Boot to His Cock
11. Death Wish


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