Finnish ‘VAXINATOR’ release their old school thrash death metal debut single with an awesome music video

Vaxinator is a Finnish thrash metal band with influences of death and¬†black metal sound. Together with the mystical video shot by Slade Takala-Lamey they create an odd journey to parallel reality with it’s evil spirits and weird medieval shit.

Vaxinator comments:
Predicting Prophet is a story from the dark ages, where the fallen blindly follow a foul spirit from another realm. Only one knew the truth, and paid a hard price for it.
Can you stand for the truth, when others give up and submit?

Predicting Prophet has lived, reshaped, fragmented and reformed into a powerful, straightforward
trash metal song under years. As it’s lyrical story follows, there was no other way but to gather the men and hit the mountain.

There were blood, sweat, dirt and pain during the shoot. There were kind and helpful people.
There was Slade Takala-Lamey who gave everything with the power of a racehorse.
There is no such thing as a crazy idea, when there are crazy people going for it.

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