STR8 and Revalve Records have signed a deal

STR8 and Revalve Records have signed a deal regarding to the release of two singles that tracing a new path toward their long career.

The first single called “The Sun” will be released on June 21st 2019.

The band is so excited about this new matter especially for the new line up that has entrusted the production of the new pieces to Matt Hyde, producer and sound engineer of bands like Slipknot, trivium, Bullet for My Valentine and many others.

The single “The Sun” through the miner’s metaphor, tries to explain the contradictions in which man sometimes stumbles in search of himself. Too often those who dig too deeply into their soul in search of the true essence or something tangible do not realize that they have created an actual network of tunnels, resembling more like a maze than a way to find answers.

Sometimes you should try to leave pride aside, look back, follow the light  you see at the end of the tunnel indicating the exit and so start again, seeing things more clearly thanks to the purifying power of the sun. 

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