Sliptrick Records Welcome Bolivian Metal Project THE INFERATE

Daniel Carbajal started his musical project of rock and metal in 2007 with the name Inferate. Over the next few years he wrote songs and demos which ended in the release of an EP in 2014. The year 2018 has seen him return to his old name (but now with the article) The Inferate.

The Inferate is now starting the production of it’s new music oriented toward rock and metal. In support of this, he uses online communication tools for music creation based in Bolivia. Since his first productions in 2007, a rich experience has been accumulated that now allows him to have the knowledge necessary to write and produce songs with musicians and producers from any part of the world, transcending the barriers of distance and language. Sharing and learning with musicians of different cultures, allows The Inferate to offer songs with the spirit of rock and metal and with the quality that is characteristic of these musical genres. Primary influences of the current sound could be said to be bands such as Helloween and Gamma Ray with a focus on rock, power metal and heavy metal.

On June 14th 2019, The Inferate will release the single Believe, which is a preview of the next EP due out later in the year via Sliptrick Records.

Believe (SI) | Released June 14th 2019 via Sliptrick Records

The Inferate is:
Daniel Carbajal – Songwriter/Producer/Guitar Player

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick

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