Boston’s INTOXICATED RAGE Unleash New Single “Battlefield”

Boston, MA’s Intoxicated Rage, boldly proclaims to be one of the most engaging and unforgettable acts in the New England heavy metal scene. Their name alone speaks directly to the experiences they provide in their music and live performances—anger, power, and entertainment. Their mission is to force fans to “LET IT OUT”; when performing they want the audience to release all negative energy in a fun and positive experience. The group wants to highlight those raw emotions and take them out of people so they can be better off as individuals. Fans can be sure that after leaving an Intoxicated Rage show they will have an understanding of full-on “F***ING RAGE” from headbanging, moshing, and laughter.

‘Battlefield’ is the second single from their the band’s highly anticipated upcoming album ‘Apocalypse’. Following the release of their first single ‘Political Warfare’ back in February, this track shows a different side to the band’s fast-paced, ruthless sound. ‘Battlefield’ is slower in tempo, but much heavier and full of groove that will have the heads of listeners rolling. Featuring a solid mix of powerful vocal melodies, guttural growls, and hard-hitting riffs, Intoxicated Rage takes you to the frontlines of the battlefield with this refreshing take on what heavy metal truly sounds like.

‘Battlefield’ can be heard at the following links:

For More Info:

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