DESCENDENCY sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions; “Generate The Genocide” set for release on June 28th

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Delaware’s extreme Thrash trio DESCENDENCY and are set to release their new album entitled Generate The Genocide June 28 on CD and Digital formats.

Hailing from central Delaware, DESCENDENCY formed in 2007 and are an all out aggro speed assault of Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Crossover. Generate The Genocide is the third full length album from this extreme Thrash trio, showcasing seven tracks of unrelenting brutality, featuring pummeling riffs and an intense fist-to-the-face vocal assault. For fans of Coroner, Crumbsuckers, Death Angel, Demolition Hammer, Exhorder, Exodus, Sepultura, Slayer and Vio-lence.

Check out album track “Opaque” at

1. Human Broth
2. Opaque
3. Necrotizing Minds
4. Arduous March
5. Hate Prop 1.98-4
6. Exinguish
7. Island Off The Coast Of Earth

Pre-order info:

CD (limited to 100 copies) and digital download:


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