THE FLESH – cursed Dutch metal punks featuring members of Herder and Verwoed launch new single “The Last Word”!

Dutch metal punks THE FLESH have completed works on their new EP, aptly entitled “Vehicle of Ruin”. The first single is now online HERE!

How Do I Endure 
How Does One Bleed
Come Vehicle Of Ruin    

With the opening track “The Last Word”THE FLESH expand their destructive atmosphere into new terrorities and beyond. More vicious, misanthropic and urgent than the already well-received “Dweller” recording from 2018, the new EP will deliver 20 minutes of relentless controlled psychosis.

All music was recorded and produced by the band themselves with guitarist Sven in charge of mixing and mastering. The artwork was kept DIY being designed by vocalist Jelle based on photography by bass player Jeroen.

“Vehicle of Ruin” is set to be released on tape by Tartarus Records Summer 2019.


1. The Last Word
2. In Praise
3. Death Mask
4. From Behind the Light
5. Beyond the Fire
6. The Climb
7. Prey

Labels interested in releasing other physical formats are welcome to get in touch!

THE FLESH will play PitFest in the Netherlands this coming weekend supporting acts such as SODOM, ASPHYX and WOLFBRIGADE. More info HERE!


If ever there was a point in history that demanded angry, scathing, blackened music then this is it. The world of 2019 is more than ready for the blistering arrival of Dutch purveyors of doomed psychosis THE FLESH.

The classic “we really gotta start this new band” talks at shows seldom lead to much, but in the case of THE FLESH, members from Herder, Verwoed and Blood Diamond actually joined forces after a night of heavy drinking. Their mission was to create songs in praise of spiritual, physical and emotional erosion. 

The first rehearsals started mid 2017 and the band subsequently recorded “Dweller” which was tracked live and is made up of seven songs which blend hardcore, crust and blackened metal into a fierce aural attack.  The EP was well received and recordings for the follow up “Vehicle of Ruin” commenced late April 2019. Like “Dweller”, “Vehicle of Ruin” was again self-recorded with guitarist Sven Post in charge of mixing/mastering. The EP was finished within in a few weeks and will see it’s first appearance in physical form through Tartarus Records as a limited edition tape.

The band is currently open for offers for a CD/Vinyl release for “Vehicle of Ruin” and while already starting the writing process for their first full length album.


Sven Post – guitars
Jelle Kunst – vocals
Jeroen Vrielink – bass/backing vocals
Tom Nickolson – drums

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