EGGS OF GOMORRH – No Clean Singing debuts new track of Swiss black/death terrorists

Turkish blasphemous militants SARINVOMIT and Swiss necrosadistic demons EGGS OF GOMORROH unite to lift the veil on a split release this July 11th. Obscenely titled Encomium of Depraved Instincts, the split, carrying two exclusive studio tracks and two live tracks from both bands, will see release via Krucyator Productions (CD and digital) and Atavism Records (cassette). 

As the first preview of the release, No Clean Singing is exclusively streaming one of the EGGS OF GOMORRH‘s tracks “Shrine of Disgust” off of the split. ”… Shrine of Disgust’, which only further cements this band’s reputation for delivering astonishingly savage forms of sonic mutilation with impressive technical skill,” praises No Clean Singing of the track.

Stream “Shrine of Disgust” via No Clean Singing RIGHT HERE

SARINVOMIT strongly set their destructive solar flare in the pit with the 2018’s debut, Malignant Thermonuclear Supremacy. These indomitable misanthropes recorded two completely new numbers exclusively for this split release. the remaining two live aural missiles, recorded during their set at NRW Deathfest in 2017, originally appeared in the 2015’s EP, Baphopanzers of the Demoniacal Brigade. These tracks convey nothing but nuclear energy infused lethal black/death/thrash attack! 

EGGS OF GOMORRH open the gate of the final half of the release with their two bestially-crafted unreleased numbers, and close this repugnant chapter delivering the live version of two old numbers, recorded during their performance in Hamburg in 2018. The Swiss debauched terrorists, who rose to notoriety with their debut Rot Prophet, by no means are showing a sign to stop their incessant barbarity. The erected war metal offerings are the continuance of their most recent outing, Outpregnate, arrived a few months before through Krucyator Productions.

Both bands somewhat differ in terms of sonic attributions, but they for sure conjure the same level of dreadful, trend-defying, filthy ancient extreme metal flame, and that makes this alliance absolutely petrifying.

All tracks mastered by Phil “VK” Kusabs and the ghastly artwork executed by Artem Grigoryev.


01. The Glorious Might of Deccal
02. Screwing the Nailed Prophets
03. Spreading VX Gas Over Kaaba (NRW Deathfest, Germany)
04. Pandemonic Radiation Descends (NRW Deathfest, Germany)

05. Redemption Martyr
06. Shrine of Disgust
07. Goat Inkvizitor (Live in Hamburg)
08. Whore of Sodom (Live Hamburg)

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