KROSIS Premiere Bass Play Through for “Duplicity” at Gear Gods

Progressive deathcore group KROSIS have premiered a bass play through for their song “Duplicity” today via Gear Gods. The video features bassist Brian Krahe’s incredibly technical and precise bass playing and showcases the group’s heavier direction. 

Gear Gods said of the video, “This tune is a great example of how a bassist can make or break a fast and heavy track and as you can hear, Brian does an incredible job of complementing what the drums and guitars are doing” with Krahe adding, ““For ‘Duplicity’ it was my goal to really lock in with the kick drum and guitars for the fast rhythmic patterns. To accomplish that for the intro riff, I chose to play the same octave notes as the guitars and use a pick to bring the most clarity and attack to the table. Since we play in low tunings (Drop F for this track) I try to save the lover octave for impactful moments. This is also the first Krosis track to feature my fretless ESP LTD B205 bass. I felt its warm tonality brought some nice variety to the aggressive tone of my B1005 Multiscale. Overall, it’s such a fun song to play and really encompasses all the elements that make us Krosis.”

Watch the video HERE

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KROSIS, who hail from Raleigh, Nc, formed in 2014. This group of talented musicians saw an unsatisfactory pattern of stagnation starting within modern metal music and formed with the intent of combining their diverse influences and creating something truly unique. Too much of modern death metal and deathcore is limited to a paradigm; KROSIS seeks to eliminate boundaries. With backgrounds in rock, jazz, concert bands, and music theory, they bring together many parts of the musical spectrum and emerge with a new and exciting take on a tired genre.

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