Return To High School Angst With DEATH NOTE SILENCE’s New Video ‘Forgotten’

Canada’s DEATH NOTE SILENCE is hitting hard with their latest video, for the track ‘Forgotten’. This high impact, full throttle music video is complete with deep gutturals, accented with well-timed breakdowns and clean guitar harmonies that prove DEATH NOTE SILENCE is the next up and coming band in the underground Canadian metal scene.

‘Forgotten’ is off the self-titled EP that was released October 18, 2018, which followed the 2016 album “Code of Silence”. The band explains the meaning behind the song:

“This song is talking about someone put aside in high school. Someone that went through it, had it the hard way but made his way through it. You can feel the hate, unity and a sense of accomplishment.”

Moving forward, DEATH NOTE SILENCE provides a massive wall of sound that is more mature lyrically, but retains a touch of teen angst and is energetic and heavily complimented with gang vocals that engage the audience.

Fans of Despised Icon, Breakdown of Sanity and Whitechapel will find enjoyable similarities between those bands and the new upcomers DEATH NOTE SILENCE.

Watch ‘Forgotten’ via Beheading The Traitor’s YouTube channel: 

DEATH NOTE SILENCE‘s latest EP is available on SpotifyiTunes and all other major online retailers.

Show Dates:
June 14 – Trois-Rivieres, QC – Nord Ouest Cafe
June 15 – Jonquiere, QC – Salle Le 4 Barils
July 12 – Waterloo, QC – Plage Municipale du Lac Waterloo – Festival L’Underground de Waterloo
Aug 10 – L’Epiphanie, QC – Parc Beram – Rock Fest Santé Mentale

Track Listing:
1. Hate (2:24)
2. Forgotten (4:10)
3. Living The Passion (4:22)
4. Short Lived (3:59)
5. Interlude (Instrumental) (1:56)
6. Behind Your Screen (5:37)
7. Honestly (4:30)
8. The Follower (3:54)
9. Prologue of A Murder (3:21)
Album Length: 34:16

For more info:
Official Website:

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