Tormentor, Varathron, Nunslaughter, Iron Angel and 14 bands more on BLACK SILESIA IV OPEN AIR Festival next week!

The 4th edition of Black Silesia Open Air Festtival will take place on 7-8 June 2019  in the stronghold in Byczyna (POLAND).More info:
Line Up:

– Tormentor (Hungary, for the first time in Poland)
– Varathron (Greece)
– Nunslaughter (USA, exclusive performance)
– Iron Angel (Germany, first and exclusive performance)
– Antichrist (Sweden, first and exclusive performance)
– Pseudogod (Russia, first and exclusive performance)
– Dracula (Australia, first and exclusive performance)
– Sodomizer (Brazil, first and exclusive performance)
– Bütcher (Belgium, first and exclusive performance)
– Hellfire Deathcult (USA, first and exclusive performance)
– Imperator (Poland, first open air performance since ’93)
– Violentor (Italy)
– Vesicant (New Zealand)
– Infernal War (Poland)
– Voidhanger (Poland)
– Nekkrofukk (Poland, exclusive performance)
– Stillborn (Poland)
– Warfist (Poland)  

TORMENTORThe Hungarian black metal legend and black metal pioneers will perform their first Polish show ever during the fourth rendition of Black Silesia Open Air.
Tormentor, alongside Bathory and Hellhammer, is one of the bands that, in the 80’s, contributed to the conception of the genre we now call black metal. Now, years later, Atilla Csihar (Mayhem, Sunn O ))) ) not only reactivated the band in it’s original lineup, but also ensured that their live performances live up to their own legend. Seriously – In Budapest we have seen their first show after the reactivation and it brought us to our knees.

There’s no need to introduce this act to the real MANIACS: the one and only NUNSLAUGHTER. Over three decades of pure underground at it’s finest and profanating everything that’s sacred. We are extremely proud that the defenders of the real underground will perform their exclusive Polish show at Black Silesia Open Air Festival.

The precursors of German speed/thrash metal are coming to play an exclusive show at Black Silesia IV – Open Air Festival.
Back in the days when classic heavy metal is flourishing and the future teutonic thrash metal giants such as Sodom, Kreator or Tankard were preparing to release their first albums; white clad Iron Angel entered, releasing a record combining power and speed metal melodies with thrash metal aggression.
30 years needed to pass for the legendary pioneers of teutonic speed/thrash to play in Poland.
And since our priority is to do what no one else did – this couldn’t have gone any different way.

VARATHRON – The band that has been defining Hellenistic black metal for 30 years alongside Necromantia and Rotting Christ is coming to Poland to perform an exclusive show at Black Silesia Open Air Festival. Every time the authors of the cult classics such as “His Majesty at the Swamp” and “Walpurgisnacht” visit our country is quite the happening, and it’s hard to imagine a better place for them to perform their atmospheric black metal show than the stronghold in Byczyna.

PSEUDOGOD – War Metal has always had a strong presence at the festival so this time thing couldn’t have been different – After many discussions with War Metal conneseurs we have decided to bring to you one of the most wanted names in Poland – From the feet of the Ural mountains and for the first time in Poland – Pseudogod. Exclusive show.

INFERNAL WAR – for over 20 years the Silesian eulogists of hate and blasphemy proudly display the banner of everything that’s vile in Black metal. This time they will grace the stronghold in Byczyna.

VOIDHANGER – no need to introduce these Black/thrash misanthropes. Anger, uncompromising attitude, poisonous bile of existence – for the first time at Black Silesia Open Air festival.

NEKKROFUKK – one of the most cult Polish underground acts with devoted die hard fans will perform their one and only Polish gig this year at Black Silesia Open Air Festival. Moreover, the band guaranteed that the concert will be a unique experience, but they decided to withhold the details until their appearance on stage.

Against all odds, the festival remains in the form of a two day open air fest in the stronghold in Byczyna!
We also stay true to our original concept – to create an underground metal fest uniting the top acts of the oldschool and extreme metal, all the while trying to maintain Poland’s one of a kind meeting grounds for real MANIACS.
Oldschool and extreme metal only. Cult underground acts only. No compromise.

Tickets available now:

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