MEDIØKRIST present new video for ‘Traumwelt’

Traumwelt, the new single from Mediokrist is a brutal symphony in dystopic beauty trapped in cyberspace. 
Check the video here:

MEDIØKRIST doesn’t want to forget. Merciless honesty is just some aspect the band from Duisburg and Krefeld in Northrhine-Westphalia stand for. 
Their first LP “Traumwelt” (“Dreamworld”) is just the prologue of their musical career. 
MEDIØKRIST is German speaking Metalcore and stands both musically and lyrical for a symbiosis between entitlement and accessibility without forgetting the roots of this genre.
MEDIØKRIST means “average Person”. 

And that’s the main theme of the album. Thematically “Traumwelt” treats the fight of self-realization in the modern world with the influence of media and environment. 
Without being political, problems are brought up both directly and ironic. 
The musical accompaniment of the lyrics can be assigned to Metalcore with influences of Hardcore, Punk, Pop and other genres. 
With the use of synthesizers, the songs get atmosphere and a dystopian touch inspired by 80s pop culture. Even though “Traumwelt” is not a real concept album in its classical meaning, the structure and composition is chosen on purpose to clarify the thematic work of the lyrics.

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